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Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

105 Chambliss Drive

Hardinsburg KY  40143 



Heart Disease claims over 500,000 lives in the United States annually.  An additional 1,500,000 Americans suffer from heart attacks, usually striking individual in the most productive years.  Changes in exercise, diet, and smoking habits may prevent or decrease the severity of a re-occurrence and return the patient to a high degree of physiological and psychosocial function.


     At Breckinridge Memorial we offer a comprehensive program of structured exercise, risk factor counseling, dietary counseling and education to help you safely return to and maintain a healthy life-style.

     Most patients return to their usual activities within a few months after a heart attack or surgery.  Cardiac Rehab helps to improve the recovery time, increases fitness, and reduces the risk of recurring events.  Our goal at Breckinridge Memorial is to assist you in achieving an optimal level of health.

     Cardiac Rehab provides exercise recommendations to increase your physical activity and fitness.  Our program offers supervised exercise by a registered nurse.  The fit individual is able to exercise longer and harder with less effort than when not fit. 

     Rehab teaches you about your disease and how to cope with the physical and mental aspects of it.  A support group atmosphere helps to aid in your feeling of well-being.

     Program and individual counseling are available to help you stop smoking, lose weight, lower blood pressure/cholesterol, and to help reduce emotional stress.

How to get started?

-Requires a referral/order from your physician

-If you have had a heart attack or other cardiac procedure done within the last 12 months 


Phase II

This phase meets three days per week and focuses on individual exercise prescription.  It is monitored exercise that can begin as soon as 2-3 weeks after your event or surgery.  Education is provided to help you understand your disease, treatments, medications and life-style changes.


Phase III

Many patients can resume their normal activities following their event.  This program offers people exercise with medical supervision, a monthly heart monitor and the same life-style changing activities as the two other phases.  It is a self-pay program for a reasonable monthly fee.

Cardiac Rehab Helps 

-Function as an interactive communications tool between you and your doctor...

- Provides the physician with information about your recovery by monitoring vital signs, symptoms and exercise responses including the EKG, heart rate and blood pressure

- Provides you with specific guidelines for physical activity

-Serves as a resource for educational information about heart disease and its prevention

-Offers risk factor screening and modification programs for you and your family who may be at risk for heart  disease

-Provides long-term supervised exercise and education through individual counseling with the nurse and any other healthcare professionals as needed.

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