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Breckinridge Memorial Hospital’s radiology department provides state of the art services to Breckinridge County as well as the surrounding counties. 


They are open and staffed 24/7.  Led by director, Carlton Brandenburg  and Radiation Officer, Dr. Scott Babin with fellow radiologist, Dr.  Sean Ladson, the radiology department is fully staffed and ready to meet your needs with all state of the art equipment to include a new low-dose CT machine, which can decrease the radiation dose you receive by up to 60%, compared to other companies CT machine.

Some services offered are:

-General Radiology/XRAY



-CAT Scan

-CT Angiography

-Digital Mammography

-Ultrasound to include:

-General, Vascular,

-OB/GYN & Echo

Nuclear Medicine:

-Bone Scan(Limited)

-Myocardial Perfusion Study

-Gastric Emptying

-Gastrointestinal Bleed

-Hida Scan


-Parathyroid Scan

-Renal (Renogram/Diuresis Renogram)


-Thyroid Uptake and Scan


To schedule, please have your physician’s office call Central Scheduling at 270-756-6561.

Diagnostic Imaging

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