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Kim Flood, RN

Where all has your career taken you in life?

I started my nursing career in cardiac care in Louisville. I really enjoyed working in cardiac and learned so much from the seasoned nurses in the hospital unit. They guided me as a young nurse, and I am grateful for working in critical care with them. I went on to work med-surge units in Elizabethtown then came back home to work in our local hospital. I needed to find a nursing avenue that would allow me to be home more with my young children.

I eventually took a position in public health working in many areas and finally retiring with our local health department. It was a great opportunity to work with many compassionate and knowledgeable medical personnel in my nursing career.

What are your hobbies?

I consider my hobbies more like therapy. I love to go fishing with my dad. My mom has taught me so much about flowers that I enjoy spending time in my flower beds. I enjoy baking and cooking which I attribute to my grandmother's cooking abilities.


Why is community service important to you?

I wanted to serve my community in my retirement years in some sort of medical form. Serving on our county hospital board offers me this opportunity. Our hospital is a great asset to our citizens.


What does BHI mean to you?

Continuing to help our citizens in their healthcare is a wonderful experience. Without our hospital and clinics, many would go without any health care for they don't have the ability to travel out of the county. Our hospital has grown so much over the years, and I want to help continue that growth.

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