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Nursing Department

The nursing department staffs the acute care area of Breckinridge Health.  The department is comprised of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, and unit secretaries. A team approach to providing patient care is utilized.

Swing Bed Program

 Breckinridge Health Swing Bed Program is a hospital-based skilled care program designed to help you if you are no longer in need of acute care in a hospital but still need more rehabilitation before you return home. Even if you have received inpatient care or surgery at another hospital, you can choose Breckinridge Memorial Hospital for Swing Bed care. Stays are anticipated to be short term and can be utilized for a variety of conditions including but not limited to: stroke, heart disease, joint replacement, and other surgeries, respiratory diseases, newly diagnosed diabetics, and extended antibiotic therapy. Our Swing Bed program is geared towards patients with Medicare as this is a covered benefit. However, we can accommodate people of all ages, as some insurance companies may cover this service. Anyone (family, patients or hospital staff) may contact Breckinridge Memorial Hospital regarding our Swing Bed Program. Patients, currently at another hospital, can ask to coordinate a transfer to Breckinridge Health Swing Bed Program. For more information about our services or to arrange a stay, please call the Breckinridge Memorial Hospital Discharge Planner at 270-756-7000.   


Breckinridge Memorial Nursing Facility

Breckinridge Memorial Nursing Facility is an 18-bed long term care facility located on the second floor of the hospital.  The nursing facility staff registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants as well as an activities director and ward clerks.  BMNF provides both Medicare skilled and nonskilled services to the residents of the community that qualifies for care.  Along with assistance with the activities of daily living, BMNF also provides socialization through activities offered daily.  Operated within the guidelines of the Medicare and Medicaid standards of care, BMNF strives to make the residents and families feel as at home as possible while caring for their loved ones during the time when they are unable to care for themselves in the home environment any longer. For more information, contact  270-756-6533.

Cardiopulmonary Dept.

The cardiopulmonary department offers a wide variety of services including blood gases, EKG’s, EEG’s, pulmonary function studies, ventilation care, stress testing, Holter monitoring, as well as routine respiratory therapy. The department is staffed 24 hours a day.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

For patients who have COPD, asthma, emphysema, or shortness of air, pulmonary rehabilitation is vital to their recovery. The program uses exercise, education, psychological and emotional support to help you learn how to deal with your disease, by using fitness and exercise tolerance, pulmonary rehab helps a patient to strengthen their lungs and improve overall fitness. Call Pam Board at 270-756-0704 for more information.

The Sleep Center

Breckinridge Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce our new affiliation with Dr. Warren Shaikun and Expert Sleep Medicine. Dr. Shaikun recently accepted the position of Medical Director of our sleep lab; he is the reading physician for all sleep studies and is responsible for the overall operation of our sleep lab. BHI Sleep Center is staffed with respiratory therapists who have been trained in sleep lab procedures. Patients no longer have to drive out town for a sleep study. If you are experiencing symptoms of a sleep disorder, talk to your physician and explore effective treatment options. BHI now offers at-home sleep studies as well!  For more information, call Pam Board at 270-756-0704.

Radiology Department

Several different modalities are combined at Breckinridge Memorial to comprise the radiology department: radiology and fluoroscopy, ultrasound, low dose C.T. scanning (can reduce radiation exposure by up to 60%), MRIs, nuclear medicine, and digital mammography. The diagnostic imaging department is formed by the combination of different departments. Each department has registered and experienced technologists performing the highest quality procedures. They utilize the latest technology to perform their duties and they adhere to strict safety, quality improvement, and quality control policy. The department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rural Health Clinics

Breckinridge Health owns and oversees Breckinridge Primary Care located at 107 Old Hwy 60. The staff includes Dr. Benjamin Smith, Dr. Brian O’Donoghue, Misty Gilley, APRN, Marinetta Van Lahr, APRN, Cathy Lewis, APRN and Julie Whitfill Nixon, PA. They see patients of all ages and provide care with the entire family in mind. For more information call 270-580-2250.


Breckinridge Health owns and oversees the Cloverport Health Clinic at 209 Elm Street in Cloverport.    The staff, which includes Mandy Butler, APRN, can help patients with physical exams, many acute and chronic illnesses, monitoring of hypertension, and diabetes. EKG’s, blood work, x-rays, and suturing can be done at the clinic. Contact the clinic at 270-788-3000.


Breckinridge Health also owns and oversees McDaniels Family Care located at 9798 South Hwy 259 in McDaniels. The staff, which includes Christa Dowell, APRN and Jill Jaggers, APRN, can help patients with physical exams, many acute and chronic illnesses, monitoring of hypertension, and diabetes. EKG’s, blood work, x-rays, and suturing can be done at the clinic. Contact the clinic at 270-902-4411. 



Breckinridge Health owns and oversees the Breckinridge Health Clinic, office of Dr. Meena Patel, pediatrician.  Their address is 203 Fairground Road, Hardinsburg KY.  To schedule an appointment, please call 270-756-2171.

Diagnostic Laboratory

Breckinridge Health’s diagnostic laboratory is staffed with highly skilled professionals with over 200 years of combined laboratory experience. The laboratory uses state of the art equipment with cutting edge technology to perform a full spectrum of testing. The advanced lab management system allows for fast and easy patient processing, resulting in rapid turn-around time for test completion. This healthcare service allows your physician to have your past or present laboratory results at his/her fingertips to compare with admission or ER results. Your out-of-town physician can also FAX or send orders to our laboratory to save you unnecessary trips out of town. The lab is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no appointments necessary. And remember…we know the value of you!

Dietary Department

Breckinridge Health’s dietary department is staffed with a wonderful, caring staff ready to meet the culinary needs of our patients.  The Dietary Supervisor, under the direction of the Registered Dietitian, maintains the day to day departmental functions, including patient and staff meal services, and ensures that the highest sanitary conditions are met each day in our kitchen. Our Registered Dietitian provides the overall direction of the department, updating menus seasonally, along with providing in-patient and out-patient nutritional care for our patients and those in our community. Please contact Mary Ann Ratliff, RD, LD at 270-756-7000 ext: 633 or by email:

Emergency Department

Breckinridge Health has 24-hour emergency department physician coverage through Concord Medical.  The department is staffed by registered nurses who have certification in advanced cardiac life support and trauma nursing. 

Outpatient Clinics

Breckinridge Health offers a cardiology clinic with Dr. Miguel, Dr. Harris, and Dr. Beanblossom. To schedule an appointment you or your physician may contact their office at 502-891-8300.  All scheduled appointments are made for the Central Time Zone.


Breckinridge Health has also started offering Expert Sleep Telehealth service here with Dr. Shaikun. For appointments call 270-756-7000. 


Tranquility Program

The Tranquility Program is designed to aid individuals in coping with life’s challenges. These individuals are generally 55 years and older and have traditional Medicare. The program offers group sessions, a safe place for seniors to discuss life changes and family issues; educational sessions on how families can be supportive and encouraging during the aging process; and assistance in coordinating as well as tips on how to manage medications. Each participant will receive a free lunch. Transportation is provided within a 40-mile radius of Hardinsburg and care is coordinated with each client’s primary physician to ensure a cohesive approach to their healthcare plan. Call 270-756-0707 for more information.

Walk-In Clinic

Breckinridge Health offers a 24-hour Walk-In Clinic located in Breckinridge Memorial Hospital Emergency Department. You never need an appointment, and we’re easy to find! The BHI Family Care Walk-In Clinic offers non-emergency care for toddlers to seniors.  We’ll let your doctor know about your visit should you need follow-up care.  They are now open 24 hours a day!  For more information please call 270-756-7000.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

For patients who have had a heart attack, stent placement, heart failure, valve repair and/or replacement, or by-pass surgery, cardiac rehabilitation is vital to their recovery. Rehab has been proven to reduce hospital stays and allows the patient to return to their usual daily activities sooner.  Patients can begin rehabilitation as soon as two to three weeks after their event. The program uses exercise, education, dietary counseling, psychological and emotional support to help recovery from heart disease. By using education and exercise, cardiac rehab helps a patient to strengthen their heart and improve cardiovascular fitness. This program is covered by Medicare, Passport and most major medical insurance plans.  For more information call Bethany Bennett, RN at 270-756-6592. 

Central Scheduling

The central scheduling department schedules and pre-registers patients prior to coming to the hospital for their tests. The department schedules carotid ultrasounds, echocardiograms, venous and arterial exams, EEG, stress test, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI’s, screening and diagnostic mammograms. For more information, call 270-756-6561.


Breckinridge Surgical Services

The hospital offers inpatient and outpatient surgery.  Some of the surgery options offered by Dr. George Gilliam available at the hospital include laparoscopic gall bladder surgery, hernia repair, colon surgery, colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, appendectomy, mastectomy, breast biopsy, excision biopsy of lesions or masses, and feeding tube insertion. Dr. George Gilliam is located at 607 Old Hwy 60 in Hardinsburg. For more information call 270-580-2256.

In addition to surgical procedures, the surgery department also offers various outpatient services such as epidural steroid injections, port flushes, outpatient infusions, and injections.

Outpatient Therapy

Breckinridge Memorial therapy department specializes in all three therapies Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy at the same location.

We provide therapy for neck, back and shoulder injuries, sports medicine and joint replacement rehab, work and accident-related injuries, strokes and other neurological disorders, pediatric patients, arthritic disorder, generalized weakness, balance issues, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, bursitis, amputees, decreased activities of daily living, vestibular rehab, traumatic brain injury, difficulty swallowing, memory deficiency, and language deficits. We also offer dry needling!  For more information please call Wade Weatherholt, Doctor of Physical Therapy at 270-756-6543.




Breckinridge Health has contracted with Dr. Jesse Butler and his company, LiberDoc, to provide orthopedic services, including surgery, to patients in Breckinridge County.  Dr. Butler and his team have experience in building complete orthopedic programs in rural hospitals like BHI with great success.  There are 3 orthopedic surgeons,  Dr. Nicholas Kusnezov, Dr. Nicholas Rensing, and Dr. Nicholas Zarkadis who will be coming to BHI to treat patients in the community that have orthopedic needs.  Our plan is to start out with some of the more minor procedures on the start but then quickly advance to having a robust orthopedic program including hip and knee replacements.  The surgery staff here at BHI have long been providing a very high level of care to patients in our Outpatient Surgery and Infusion programs so an expansion into orthopedic care was an easy decision.  Our surgeons are well trained and experienced, our OR staff are the familiar faces that many of you know and have received care from in the past.  We continue to try to provide services that our patients have to travel great distances to get, orthopedics is a prime example of that.  If you have orthopedic needs please ask your provider to refer you to Breckinridge Health Orthopedics! For more information, please call 270-580-2256 or go to


BHInfusion Clinic

Were you aware that Breckinridge Health offers IV Therapy and Specialty Injections?  Services Provided:

• IV infusions to treat autoimmune disorders and other specialty medications

• Intramuscular and Subcutaneous injections

• IV Antibiotic Therapy

• IV Hydration Therapy

• IV Iron Replacement Therapy

• Blood product transfusions

• Schedule PICC line insertions

• Central line care and maintenance


 Patient convenience:

• Private rooms with recliners or stretchers

• Pillows and heated blankets

• Cable TV

• Wireless Internet access

• Complementary snacks and beverages

• Complimentary lunch for patients during infusions.


Some additional medicines that we give are as followed:

·Entyvio      · Aranesp       ·Cimzia      · Feraheme      ·Prolia      ·Reclast      ·Orencia     ·Solumedrol

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