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Hardinsburg KY  40143


Good musculoskeletal health is critical to your enjoyment and quality of life. Our orthopaedic team at Breckinridge Health treats injuries and disorders affecting the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles so you can get back to moving through life with greater comfort and ease.  

Orthopaedic Conditions We Treat
The goal of our orthopaedic team is to help preserve or restore your quality of life by assessing and taking steps to improve your mobility, flexibility, endurance, and strength.

Our providers include board-certified orthopedic surgeons that are part of the company, Spine Consultants, LLC. We offer comprehensive orthopedic services from the time of injury or diagnosis and throughout the treatment and rehabilitation process. If you're suffering from an orthopedic problem, no matter how minor or significant, our experts can help.

Some procedures include the following:  

  • Amputation

  • Arthrocentisis

  • Arthroscopic Surgery

  • Biopsy and excision of tumors involving bone and adjacent soft tissues

  • Carpal tunnel release

  • Closed Reduction of fractures and dislocations

  • Debridement of soft tissue

  • Fracture fixations and casting

  • Joint manipulation

  • Total replacement to include knee joint, hip joint and shoulder

  • Muscle and tendon repair

  • Open and closed reduction of fractures

  • And more!

The surgery staff here at BHI provide a very high level of care to patients in our Orthopedic, Outpatient Surgery and Infusion. Our surgeons are well trained and experienced, our OR staff are the familiar faces that many of you know and have received care from in the past. We are excited to continue providing services that our patients don’t have to travel great distances anymore to receive!

The following are testimonials from orthopedic patients:

Dr. Rensing performed a right knee replacement on JANNETTE TIVITT.  She was seen within 3 weeks of the decision that she needed this done.  She felt that everything went very smooth.  She felt this was a wonderful experience.  She and her husband are in their 80 and don’t like to travel.  Knowing that they could have it so close to home was a blessing!  She stayed overnight and thought everyone was “super nice” and helpful.  All the staff were very compassionate.  She had home health for the first 2 weeks and then used Breckinridge Health Outpatient Therapy services.  Wade Weatherholt and Amanda Fentress were very helpful in her healing process!  Jannette feels very blessed to have our local hospital and would definitely recommend Breckinridge Health Orthopedics and Outpatient Therapy.

Dr. Kusnezov performed a hip replacement on ERIC FLEACE.  From the initial appointment, he had a new hip in 4 weeks.  His experience was described in word….EXCELLENT!  He would like to recognize all the staff of BHI.  Everyone was great!  He would recommend Breckinridge Health Orthopedics.

Dr. Kusnezov performed a total knee replacement on CINDY HORSLEY.  Her friend, Chuck Fentress, recommended Breckinridge Health Orthopedics after he had such a great experience with his new knee.  She truly can’t say enough nice things about her experience.  They talked to her like a human, not trying to talk above her.  They checked on her before they left for the day just to make sure she understood everything before and after the surgery.  His staff answered all her questions she had before, during and through therapy.  Dr. Kusnezov was “so very caring”.  Some other employees she would like to recognize are Sandy Payne and Cara Wilson.  She would absolutely recommend Breckinridge Health Orthopedics.

Dr. Rensing performed a total knee on Janet Riley.  Janet stated that Dr. Rensing was very caring and had great bedside manor!  She even said she now barely has a scar!  Physical therapy and was great!  Janet would definitely recommend Breckinridge Health Orthopedics!

Dr. Rensing performed a hip replacement recently on Ann Denton.  From the time of her first office visit to her last day of PT, Ann felt everyone involved was wonderful!  She was treated with the utmost kindness and care.  So many people made this possible. She felt it was so nice to see so much teamwork and coordination.  Ann stated she is truly thankful to have BHI in our community and encourages the great folks of our county to support BHI and all their departments so that we are able to keep them local.  She is so grateful that BHI is here to treat her and keep her close to home.  Ann would like to recognize everyone from admitting, surgery, staff that took care of her during her overnight stay, orthopedic office, and PT staff for their outstanding care!

If you have orthopedic needs please ask your provider to refer you to Breckinridge Health Orthopedics!

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