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Tranquility Program

207C Fairgrounds Rd.

Hardinsburg, KY 40143


The Tranquility Program is designed to aid individuals in coping with life’s challenges. These individuals are generally 55 years and older and have traditional Medicare. The program offers group sessions, a safe place for seniors to discuss life changes and family issues; educational sessions on how families can be supportive and encouraging during the aging process; and assistance in coordinating as well as tips on how to manage medications. Each participant will receive a free lunch. Transportation is provided within a 40 mile radius of Hardinsburg and care is coordinated with each client’s primary physician to ensure a cohesive approach to their healthcare plan. 


  • Decreased ability to cope with change

  • Inability to adjust to retirement

  • Loss & grief

  • Depressed mood

  • Difficulty coping with health/physical changes

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Sleep or appetite changes

  • Anger & Irritability

  • Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness

  • Worry & Rumination

  • Anxiety, nervousness

  • Isolation, loneliness or social withdrawal

  • Stress related to raising grandchildren/adult children

  • Increased anxiety related to COVID-19

  • Caregiver Role Strain​

Schedule for A Typical Program Day 

   9:15        Daily Check In


   9:30     First Group Session


  10:15     Second Group Session


  11:00     Third Group Session


Face masks are required, COVID screening is performed on entrance to the building, and social distancing in enforced.

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Traditional Medicare insurance along with a secondary coverage plan is preferred, as Advantage Plans will have a copay.



· Board Certified Psychiatrist


· Program Director


· Registered Nurse


· Licensed Social Worker


· Unit Clerk/Transportation 




Each individual will receive

treatment in an outpatient

setting for three to five

hours a day, one to two

days per week.

Sudha Patel, M.D. 

Psychiatrist &

Medical Director

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