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Breckinridge Health Walk In Clinic

The B.H.I. Walk-In Clinic is a 24/7 Urgent Care Clinic that provides a wide range of health care services. The BHI Walk-In Clinic welcomes patients that are age 2 years and older for:

Breckinridge Health Inc. is pleased to welcome the Concord Medical Group. Patients should expect to receive two bills for treatment; one statement for institutional services from B.H.I. and one professional statement from Concord Medical Group. Please be prepared to pay your Urgent Care copay along with deductible/coinsurance requirements set forth by your insurance carrier. Concord Medical Group is participating with all major PPO plans in the area as well as all KY Medicaid MCO’s. For billing or patient satisfaction concerns related to Concord’s professional services or bill please call 1-806-939-7948. The B.H.I. Billing Department can be reached at 270-756-6579.



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